Philosophy - Mission - Vision


The accurate diagnostic and leadership of the senior management of the State-owned companies of Pichincha allows them to rely on their transparency and efficiency policies, thanks to them, they can execute and administrate in an optimal way all of their programs. The entity can count on its solid integrated system of management , in the fields of quality, atmosphere, health, work insurance, they will stimulate the production and conception capacity of all kinds of products or services that will give security to those who which to hire our services.


Promote the social, economic and areal development through the execution of construction projects that contribute to the changes of the country’s productive matrix.


The State-owned companies of Pichincha are pretending to be a reference at national and international scale regarding there public services performances. As a matter of fact they handle from the energy production to the execution of social housing and also construction facilities with civil engineering, while contributing severely to the development of the economy and society in all the country’s sectors.


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